The two-empire system is the top-level biologicial classification system in general use before the establishment of the three-domain system. Some biologists prefer the two-empire system over the three-domain system, in that the three-domain system overemphasizes the division between Archaea and Bacteria. Detractors of the two-domain system point to evidence that suggest that the Archaea are more closely related to the Eukarya than the Bacteria.

Two empires Three domains Six kingdoms
Mineralia non-life
Biota / Vitae
Acytota / Aphanobionta (Viruses, Viroids, Prions?, ...) non-cellular life
cellular life
Prokaryota / Procarya
Bacteria Eubacteria
Archaea Archaebacteria
Eukaryota / Eucarya Protista
Three Kingdom System:AnimaliaVegetabiliaMineralia
Two Kingdom SystemFloraFauna

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