The Nemegt Formation is a Late Cretaceous sedimentary formation in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. It overlies, and in some places interdigitates with, the Barun Goyot Formation. It consists of river channel sediments and contains fossils of fish, turtles, crocodilians, birds and a diverse fauna of dinosaurs. Articulated skeletons of adult Tarbosaurus are unusually common here but the duck-billed Saurolophus, the small theropod Mononykus, the giant herbivores Therizinosaurus and Deinocheirus, the ornithomimid Gallimimus, oviraptorids and pachycephalosaurs are also known. The absolute age of the Nemegt Formation is unknown but it is thought to be Maastrichtian in age. The presence of Saurolophus, a taxon also known from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Alberta, may indicate an Early Maastrichtian age.

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