Fossil range: Late Triassic
Conservation status
Extinct (fossil)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Sauropsida
Superorder: Dinosaur
Order: Saurischia
Suborder:  ?Theropoda
Infraorder:  ?Herrerasauria
Family:  ?Herrerasauridae
Genus: Caseosaurus
Species: C. crosbyensis
Binomial name
Caseosaurus crosbyensis
Hunt, Lucas, Heckert, Sullivan and Lockley, 1998

Caseosaurus is a genus of dinosaur from the Late Triassic North America. It is named after E.C.Case. The type species, Caseosaurus crosbyensis, was formally described by Hunt, Lucas, Heckert, Sullivan and Lockley in 1998. It was found in the Dockum Formation of Texas, in strata dating to the Late Triassic. It may, in fact, be the same dinosaur as Chindesaurus, another early dinosaur from the same period and geological region. It has tentatively been classified as a relative of Herrerasaurus.


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